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                The kitchen smoke purifier has now entered more and more families, gradually become one of the kitchen must be. However, for the cleaning and maintenance of smoke purifiers, there are still a lot of deficiencies among users. In order to ensure the use of users and safety, Hangzhou Dongrun Technology Co., Ltd. shares with everyone the knowledge of correctly maintaining the clean kitchen smoke purifier.
                How to maintain clean kitchen smoke purifier correctly?
                1, users should be strictly on time cleaning equipment internal oil pollution, prevent potential fire.
                If the insulator is found to have cracking, it must be replaced, otherwise it will seriously affect the purification efficiency of the soot purification equipment.
                3, the removed electric field and other components should be placed in a safe place, and trampling and impact deformation are forbidden.
                After cleaning the electric field in the soot purification equipment, the electric field insulator must be cleaned with water and wiped dry. Because electrolytes such as strong bases can cause surface crawling if they remain on the surface of insulators, affecting the normal operation of soot purification equipment and there are safety hazards.
                Turn off the main power supply of the hot water cleaning device.
                After opening the maintenance door of the equipment, you should first use a screwdriver to release the residual charge in the electric field. The specific operation is to hold the insulated handle of the screwdriver by hand, and use the metal part of the screwdriver to shorten the cathode needle of one of the electric fields.
                The operator must wear protective glasses, gloves, protective caps and protective clothing to prevent damage to the skin of the person caused by the alkaline liquid used to clean the fume purifier assembly.
                Although turning off the power switch of the soot purifier, it is still possible to have electricity in the tank. Therefore, before maintaining the equipment, it is necessary to turn off the power supply switch outside the fume purifier.