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                • 你知道绝缘子在油烟净化器中的作用吗?
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                绝缘子顾名思义就是一种绝缘的控件,它能够承︻受一定的电压作用且通常安装在不同电位的导体或导体与接地的构件之间。绝缘子的种类繁多,形状也各异。但尽管不同类型的绝缘子的外形差异较大,其结构却都是由连▲接件和绝缘件两大部分组成的。阴极丝检◥查另外,大家别看“个头小”,作用可是大着呢!据了解,早些▓年前的绝缘子多用在电线杆上,之后才慢慢发展成我们现在所看到的高↘压电线塔上挂着的大面积盘状绝缘体,它的作用主要是增加爬电距离,一般由陶瓷或者玻璃等∮制作而成。而在油烟净化器当中,绝缘子同样扮演◢着非常重要的角色。它对于餐饮油烟的净化几乎不可或缺静电式油烟净化器中的绝缘子一般采用顶针式的结构,当高压电输入到油烟净化器的内∩部时,绝缘子可以把变压器产生的高电压引入至电场内部∏。一旦电场装入油烟净化器内,就可以自动连接▽上高电压。而当电场被拆下时,又可以自动∑断开与高电压的连接。绝缘子的内部还会装有阻尼装置,可以消除△高压放电时电场内产生的脉冲,进而减少其㊣ 对油烟净化器的损坏情况。因此,绝缘子可以说是保证油烟净化设备正常、安全运行的一大前●提。




                I believe that many friends in the process of understanding the lampblack purifier have heard about the insulator this thing. However, most of them are simply mentioned, without any detailed mention of its function, resulting in many people do not know much about insulator. Therefore, today to tell you about a special oil smoke purifier in the role of the insulator! Insulators, as the name suggests, are insulated controls that can withstand certain voltages and are usually installed between conductors or conductors with different potentials and grounded members. Insulators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But although the shapes of different types of insulators are quite different, their structures are made up of two major parts: connectors and insulators. Cathode wire inspection in addition, we do not see the size of the small, but the role is great! It is understood that the insulators of earlier years were mostly used on power poles, before they gradually developed into the large area of disc-shaped insulators hanging on the high-voltage wire towers that we now see. Its main function is to increase the distance of electricity climbing Usually made of ceramic or glass, etc. . In the oil smoke purifier, the insulator also plays a very important role. The insulator in the electrostatic oil fume purifier generally adopts the structure of thimble. When high voltage electricity is input into the inner part of the oil fume purifier, insulators can introduce the high voltage generated by the transformer into the electric field. Once the electric field is installed in the fume purifier, the high voltage can be connected automatically. When the electric field is removed, the connection with the high voltage can be automatically disconnected. The inner part of the insulator is also equipped with a damping device, which can eliminate the pulse generated in the electric field during high-voltage discharge, thereby reducing the damage to the oil fume purifier. Therefore, the insulator can be said to be a major premise to ensure the normal and safe operation of oil fume purification equipment. See here, I believe that we have recognized the strength of the INSULATOR BAR! However, since it is such an important component, if something goes wrong, the consequences must be unimaginable. It is necessary to know that the oil fume purifier will inevitably pile up on the insulator in the course of daily operation, and the insulator which is too dirty is very easy to produce flashover discharge phenomenon. What's more, if the insulator is leaking, the whole high voltage field inside the purifier can not be set up. When the high voltage is released through the leakage insulator, there will be some hidden dangers. Therefore, we in the daily use of oil smoke purifier process, must avoid insulator damage, damp, and regular cleaning of insulators, maintenance. In this way we can ensure the purification efficiency of the oil fume purifier!